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What is IPTV

It is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol Television. It is a system that provides you with broadcasting TV channels using the Internet protocol. This system allows you to watch all encrypted and unencrypted channels on your device for free

Knowing that there is also a paid IPTV that I consider better than free IPTV in some cases since the non-free one can stop at any moment while watching the matches

 Which costs you time to renew the servers. Also, in the meantime, you find servers full of annoying ads, unlike the paid service, which allows you to renew IPTV servers immediately and does not have ads

How IPTV works

In traditional television, programs are broadcast based on the process of converting them into waves that are picked up by the dish on the roof of your house. This dish converts the broadcast waves into electrical signals

 It is decoded by the TV in order to display it in audio and video. Satellite TV works in the same way, by bouncing the signal back into space and back. 

So, how is IPTV different from this

Since many TVs do not support IPTV, you may need a decoder for what you receive online,

which translates this into a format that can be read by your TV

There are three different types of IPTV formats among them, let’s get to know all of them

Streaming Video on Demand 

Its acronym is VOD, which means you get video on demand. Movie streaming sites are videos on demand

and they don’t have any viewing time limit.

For example, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Starzplay are video-on-demand services.


 As with TV, you can also watch live broadcasts on IPTV,

many users are watching sports events directly via this technology,

and in the same, you can broadcast anything using IPTV for others to watch

For example, Internet services such as Hulu Live TV, FOX Sports Go, and Sling TV broadcast live TV using IPTV

Time Shift Media 

If you have ever watched “catch-up TV” then you are familiar with this type of IPTV.

Many networks now allow users to watch live programs and shows that they missed,

herein lies the importance of time-shifting media that program a live broadcast and save it to watch later

VOD and time shift modes look very similar, but the difference here lies in the time

you can watch the show right after its broadcast  

IPTV resellers 2022

Become an IPTV resellers club

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What are IPTV Resellers

When you become an IPTV reseller you get IPTV Panel to create and sell IPTV Subscription to your  clients,

through your IPTV Panel, you can create

1 Month Subscriptions

3 Months Subscriptions

6 Months Subscriptions

1-Year IPTV Subscriptions

IPTV resellers 2022

IPTV reselling prices restrictions

In fact, we don’t have any restrictions regarding the selling prices,

meaning as one of the IPTV Resellers you have complete control over the amounts that you charge your clients.

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for IPTV Service since it allows clients to watch Live TV Channels,

Video On Demand, Movies, and TV Shows are direct to any Smart Device using only an Internet connection

iptv resellers 2022

Devices support IPTV

Many devices support IPTV including Samsung & LG Smart TVs, Amazon Firestick & Fire TVs, MAG, iPhone,

IPad, Apple TVs, Kodi, Android Smartphones, Android TVs, Android Boxes, AVOV,

Stem, and many other devices.

How does the best IPTV resellers panel work

geo IPTV reseller panel works through something called Credit Points

Credit Points are used to activate the IPTV Subscriptions

IPTV resellers 2022

How are credit points calculated?

In our panel of IPTV resellers, the Credit works are used below

1 Month Subscription = 0.1 Credit Points.

3 Months Subscription = 0.3 Credit Points.

6 Months Subscription = 0.6 Credit Points.

1 Year Subscription = 1 Credit Point.

IPTV Resellers 2022

Advantages of becoming an IPTV Reseller

At OneHost, we provide the best IPTV Reseller’s price, with a very easy-to-use IPTV reseller panel.

In Addition, you don’t need any equipment to become IPTV Reseller, you can access your panel and activate the IPTV subscriptions using your Smartphone or your Laptop.

Working in IPTV Industry is very easy, and flexible working whenever and wherever you want.

Therefore, you don’t need to leave your current job. We have worldwide premium Live TV Channels and VOD.

IPTV Panel Features

Nevertheless, you have the option in your IPTV Panel to select/deselect categories and customize

the subscriptions that you create based on your client’s desires

Moreover, IPTV Resellers can create M3u trials and MAG trials as long as the server supports the IPTV trials feature.

In Addition, you can use any IPTV Player application that you want that you believe

that it’s better and provides a friendly user experience.

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